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Welcome to United Flightlings !
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 Brightshine Jubilee 2017

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PostSubject: Brightshine Jubilee 2017 Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:00 am

It is time for the flights to celebrate Brightshine Jubilee, the holiday of the Light Flight and our reigning deity, the Lightweaver!

Immaculate tablets can be obtained while gathering in any of the light territories: hunting, insect catching, fishing, foraging, digging or scavenging. The event lasts for one week, starting from the 25th. This event has been marked in our calendar!

Another method is defeating Light and Neutral enemies in the coliseum as both have a chance of granting tablets in their loot tables. Lastly, brewing them up in Baldwin's cauldron.

What is holiday currency?
Holiday currency are special items that can only be redeemed at the Festive Flavors stall run by Joxar. Each year presents new, unique apparel, familiars or other special items. The flight's rune (apparel item) is cycled each year with every holiday.

Themed skins and accents are also available as coliseum loot from light-attuned and neutral enemies, gathering, and Baldwin`s Bubbling Brew, but only during the event. When a flight holiday concludes, Joxar's stall closes and all associated items are discontinued and can only be purchased from other players.

Brightshine Jubilee Sharing
You may reply to this topic with your fanart, skins, accents, dragons to show off as long as they are themed to the holiday in general and wearing at least one of this year's items, skins, apparel or similar.

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Brightshine Jubilee 2017
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